Elbed cc Hand Sanitisers information.

Hand sanitiser is a product every individual needs in a daily basis. Due to the demand many
enterprises ventured into the manufacturing of this product.
Various products are readily available in the market, yet not every product is suitable for
individual requirements.
Some individuals are manufacturing sanitisers according to the world health organisation (WHO)
formulation guidelines, and the WHO has admitted that their formulation has not passed the
laboratorium tests.
Many organisations are using ‘Alcohol’ as the main ingredient, and it is important to notice that
many different variaties of alcohol are available, but not all tipes are suitable for hand sanitisers.
Methanol, Normal Propyl Alcohol, Ethanol 95/5, Ethanol 96, and Iso Propyl Alcohol are the main
alcohol products utilised, and it is vital that individuals identify which type of alcohol is being
used in the manufacturing process.

We therefor are not selling our hand sanitiser or Waterless hand Sanitiser based on alcohol
percentages, we are selling according to standards.
We do offer our clients a product with a 60% alcohol percentage, however we do not see the
relevance due to our product formulations and composition.
Should you have any querries, please contact the undersigned.

The following types of alcohol is not suitable for human products, and if used could be fatal to
the user, and it could result in death and blindness.
Methanol, Normal Propyl Alcohol.
Ethanol 95/5 is not a pure alcohol and is not advisable to be used for hand sanitisers.
We use strictly pure surgical alcohol in our products.
Manufacturing hand sanitiser it is important that the following information be shared to all users
using hand sanitisers.
It is NOT the alcohol contents nor % concentrate that disinfects or sanitises hands, it is the
evaporation process that is being expedited by the usage of the alcohol, yes it aids in the
disinfecting, but is speeds up the evaporation from the hands.
Proper hand sanitisers uses disinfectants such as Laurel Dimethyl Benzyl products or G-cide or
GK 10 disinfecting additives. These are the only products that is utilized in disinfectants and are
disinfectant products in formulation.
Our product has been developed and manufactured to medical standards and spesifications,
therefor we have the ability to utilize less % alcohol, and be more effective in our product.
We are in process of awaiting the reopening of SABS to have our products certified, and we are
eagerly excited that our will meet the standard as set out by the SABS codes.

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